28 Jan

Andi Z

Andi Z

The influence from EBM, classical Elektro, Synthy pop and New Wave laid the groundwork. Born in 1979 in Sangerhausen, everything began with Kraftwerk, Front 242 and Depeche Mode. After moving to Münster and arriving  at House & Techno and the DJ’s culture of the 90ies, spinning records was not enough any more. His very own event Audiotherapy was born @ the famous Luna bar and numerous gigs in the region followed. From 2006 on he extended his musical playground with own productions. Atmospheric, deep and with enough pressure for the dancefloor. To self-actualise even more in the music, Tonboutique Records was founded in 2013 together with Maxon. A label on which they both would like to develop their sound freely and present a platform for other artists to create an extensive, musical portfolio from House & Techno.



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