28 Jan

Alexander Franz

Alexander Franz

It’s 1994 and Alexander is an 11-year old devoted raver who wears glaring Bad&Mad sweaters and bell bottoms. In his school class that mainly comprises Hip-Hop and Grunge fans, he is pretty much alone with his enthusiasm for Marusha, Dune or Scooter. He soaks up as much sound of the early 90s as as the local CD store in a tranquil community allows to, while studying relevant raver mags in order to answer all the questions that are running around in his head: After hour? Hardcore? Chill out? And what about those club mixes? Are they recorded at club houses? What’s even more pressing, is the question how to create this sound on his own. His dad’s CD player, equipped with a repeat function, a Monacor mixer for his birthday and loads of tape decks help him creating his first loops.

The journey begins.



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